With more than 20 years of experience in the use and implementation of Biogas, Vehicular Natural Gas and Renewable Natural Gas projects, we designed a concept that allows us to offer a solution that integrates natural resources and waste for the generation and use of biofuels.

About us

B10GAS is a company focused on the generation of Biogas and Biomethane from organic, agricultural, livestock and industrial waste.

We are currently operating biodigesters, generating biogas, biomethane and electricity at Brimex Energy, Lagos de Moreno Jalisco, Mexico and we have several bioenergy, bioenergy and biofuel projects in process.

B10GAS, is the union of companies dedicated to providing solutions by producing and using Biogas and Renewable Natural Gas.


Our mission is the development and integration of bio-sustainable projects that allow us and our clients to integrate biomass, biofuels and renewable fuels to transport, industry and pipelines.


Develop and implement new technologies that allow us to help the environment and generate jobs through the use of organic waste for the production of biofuels, renewable fuels and their use.

Automation of the entire Biomethane generation process.

In addition to the ability to generate raw biogas and Biomethane, it is important to mention that all our processes are automated, which allows us to implement and control them efficiently and to know the status of operation and production in real time at all times.

Production, purchase and sale of Methane.

As part of the methane purchase and sale strategy, we need to inject the methane we produce into the pipeline and extract natural gas from the pipeline for our consumption and to supply in the medium term a CNG station for transportation that passes through Lagos de Moreno, which is A strategic point, due to the high traffic of vehicles, the highlands of Jalisco, which is strategically located in the center of the country, is the main articulator of the automotive sector and a fundamental part of the NAFTA corridor.

Upgrader and other sources of raw natural biogas.

It is important to mention that our Upgraders technology not only works with Raw Biogas from Biodigesters. We can also obtain Biomethane or Renewable Natural Gas from other sources such as Sanitary Landfills, Wastewater Treatment Plants (Edar or Ptar).


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